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the Ta-ta Tee

Have you ever been walking down the street and heard those dreaded words yelled from a car window “SHOW US YOUR TITS!!!” 

You look down at your chest and think... ‘I can’t! My nipples look too boring today’ 

Look no further than the TA-TA Tee complete with built in bolt on’s.  Perfectly perky and pervy sequin breasts, embellished with the finest hand beaded nipples which make you look ‘excited’ about being hollered at even when you’re not! 

Not just for the ladies, the TA-TA T is unisex so men don’t have to yell out of car windows anymore.  Now they too, can have their very own pair!

Available in 6 delectable shades of flesh for seamless blending.

Brought to you by Designer, Stylist and lover of Boobies Kirsty Barros.